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work. you know this guy rarely takes a day off? ben bernanke works his hinie off. some say the hardestworking federal reserve chairman this nation has ever had. i don't know. this much i do, if not for ben we'd probably be in a bigger mess. monetary policy carried the fragile recovery. not fiscal policy. president carrying the nation. congress appears to be turning off the nation. they're all then trying to save the nation. iraq in a storm. buffeted by secondguessing congressman who would sooner blast him than thank him. for at least trying to do their job. now leaving aside they are a lot better at spreading the sheet than reading a spreadsheet, i practiced that, they feel comfortable ripping a guy who patiently listens to their moronic diatribe. i still don't know how all of this artificially holding down interest rates by buying every treasury note and bond and
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mortgage security the fed can get its hands on is going to work out. i do know that at least the fed has been doing work. like him or not. ben is the reason investors are taking the capital here. they prefer it here. not because we're giants. more like the tallest pygmies in the room. but it is something. it says something. it says something about ben. this is because of ben. a guy who barely talks. not this guy. barely takes a breath. sorry. even when you do an you confuse people. like chuck hagel. it doesn't stop you from becoming defense secretary. it looks like he has enough votes to be just that. chuck hagel on his way to the defense department. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld.
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5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: in order for republicans and conservatives to win future elections they will need a good messenger and good message. bill o'reilly talked about it last night. >> the right is disorganized and lacks leadership. if a leader can emerge and fight off the media jackals that person can turn the country to the right. why? america is a place of achievement. we have always been that. once the nanny state victimization mentality gets hammered in an effective way it will quickly fall apart. as fair-minded hardworking americans will reject it. therefore the left has not won in america. not yet. >> dana: more on that but first the next event for
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republicans is cpac, the conservative local action conference and we learned governor chris christie, with a record high approval rating has not yet been invite and it sounds like he will not get one. we'll ask if that is a smart move. does anything sound familiar there? you have been on the bandwago bandwagon. >> greg: talking about finding charismatic leader. he was basically talking about me. i would run but i can't have the authorities digging up my backyard again. it's unfortunate thing thatens . we know the message is right. they run on it. i liken elections to my experience with vanilla coke. when i'm in a hurry after work and i go to buy soda, i buy a 12-pack of coke and i get home and realize it's vanilla coke because i didn't look closely enough at the product.
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the republicans run vanilla coke. they have to look at the product and look at it and say is this product going to win in we don't want a whine. we have want a winner. look at president obama. he was grown in a lab. the first politician to come from a 3d printer. the perfect progressive candidate. time for republicans to do the same. >> dana: you thoughts on cherry coke? >> greg: i like but a little too sweet. >> dana: the conservatives don't need the new coke, they need different coke. >> greg: bob's coke. >> dana: as soon as i said that -- >> greg: sorry. wouldn't resist -- i couldn't resist it. >> andrea: in a g-rated fashion. republicans are dealing with tab, maybe. i used to like it. you can't get it anywhere. it's symbolic. i agree on the message and the me generaller is point.
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i do think that the republicans have a big challenge, whoever the messenger is because of the paradigm of me densy politics. i don't care, race, gender, ethnicity. free stuff is seductive. there were probably great messengers politically in greece. they were all about achievement before the country went down. they achiefed a lot and invented a lot. the more seductively the politicians promise things it's tough to resist. even hardworking people the will eventually stop and say why am i being fiscally responsible when the neighbor isn't? the last election it wasn't the unemployment rate that mattered. it was dependency rate. >> dana: reince priebus, rnc. he gave an interview and said something along the line what is we know is people love sugar, they just don't like the dentist. it's an unpopular position for republicans to be the dentist, saying we want to preserve the
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program but to do so we will cut certain things when it comes to medicare, social security and medicaid. >> eric: i hate this. i hate this fighting. are the establishment republicans fighting with the conservative republicans? look, they need to get together and form one party that has a big tent for everyone. gay, straight, white, hispanic, african-american. you can be a conservative for any one of them. but riley is right, they have to be charismatic and leader and fight back the media jackals. that is christie. look at what he is. he is charismatic. leader. look what he is doing in new jersey. 74% approval rating. highest by any governor. media jackals. he is so good at fighting anyone who takes him, tries to take him down. he chops them off at the knees. my friends on the far right, hang out. i'm a very true co conservative,
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if you want to win for 2016 look at chris christie and embrace him. >> dana: they will come after you now. >> eric: i know. >> dana: o'reilly said liberalism is on the way to having victories on several fronts. do you feel that way? >> bob: yeah. immigration. few other things. yeah. to listen to eric talk about this, i remember at the beginning of the campaign season, eric was against rhinos, people who weren't true conservative. >> dana: really? i never noticed. >> bob: now he has seen the light. the republican right message is not a majority message in america. it never will be. the way the democrats came back in '92 with bill clinton is move from left to center left coalition. republicans have any success they have to move to the center right coalition. they can't be dominated by their right. if they are, they lose. because the right is almost all white. and you can't win in this country anymore with all white electorate. >> dana: vanilla coke, you
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mean. let me say for example, herman cain ran last year. okay? former ceo of godfather's pizza. as long as you run for office, he wasn't successful to get a big coalition behind him there is change afoot. the liberals and the media talk about how wonderful it to have different voices. unless it's the republican party, then it's hilarious. look at the infighting. at least the republican party is vibrant with different point of view. if you look at the democrats it's ideological lock step. >> bob: where is the vibrancy you are talking about? >> greg: there are people arguing with each other. you don't see it on the left. look how obama is treated when it comes to drones. what happened to the left's attack on that? what about guantanamo. >> eric: you know what we
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would haven't if we had a republican president? we would haven't a sequest tration issue. we would have spending cuts and entitlement cuts. we wouldn't worry what happened two days from now whether or not it will be four hours or 14 hours. we wouldn't having this fight, bob. it would be done. >> bob: we no polls that republicans are taking heat for sequest tration. >> eric: stop it. >> bob: it's not up fair. >> eric: president obama came up with sequestration. >> bob: i understand that. but public perception the republicans take the hit. today they will let 200,000 go for immigration -- >> eric: 2,000. >> bob: because of sequestration cuts. >> andrea: no. because they're trying to scare people.
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>> dana: that needs to be explained more. >> andrea: announced today department of homeland security is going to release illegals because they say they don't have the money to manage the system. this is scare tactics. it's what we have seen from the white house. designed to monitor fear. the jury is out. we don't know if it will affect the public. it want to go back to chris christie. i can see why conservatives are miffed with him. hurricane hug, taking medicaid expansion funds. i get it. but the blue state governors who are red state at hart have a delicate dance to do. we won't have any voices in states we need them. i don't agree with cpac kicking them out or go crowd, the gay group. >> dana: they say they
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cannot -- the go crowd and the log house republicans are not allowed to sponsor, basically, not allowed to give them money -- they can buy a ticket and attend but not allowed to sponsor. i talked to one guy today and said we would go back if asked. there is chatter saying let them back in to have the debate that eric is talking about. >> greg: this is pointless if you have a replication of the last election, which is where you have the media focus on republican gaffes, not democrats gaffes and ignore issues that could harm the democrats. if that continues it opportunity matter who you nominate. nominate. this is a tennis match where one player is in a piranha tanks. we need a candidate to withstand piranhas. i'm not sure it's christie but it would take a lot to eat
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him. look at rubio, he is mirror of obama. young, senator. >> dana: last question, diet dr. pepper. huge fan. i went to museum in waco, texas. >> greg: do you a shirt? >> dana: no. i had to get back to work. a group exposes obama's plan to sell special access. that's up next on "the five." ♪ ♪ dad, i'd put that down.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. six years ago, senator obama told potential voters that lobbyist and special interest groups made got in a game only those groups could afford to play. the obama presidency, however, was going to be different. that was then and this is now. president obama's campaign apparatus, obama for america, has reinvented itself as a
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political group called organizing for action. and that group is literally selling access to the president of the united states. for $500,000 you can get scheduled face-to-face meetings with the leader of the free world at the white house. this sounds like a bad idea on so many levels. i can get face to face with president obama, not only that but scheduled in advance. >> bob: i am shocked you are upset about this. the campaign organization could have done the last time around. now that they have done this, this is not another special interest. these represent the people who want majority of the country. 52%, one. two, if you put money together to support this, of course you are going to have the president of the united states attend meetings with them. that's part of the game. >> eric: this is pay to play. >> bob: what? >> eric: if you donate
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$500,000 to this organization that is going to be donating to the political campaigns, but you can access -- have you heard of this before? >> dana: obviously the donors who spoke to the "new york times" anonymously who were strutting around saying oooh, i'm going to be on advisory council for $'500,000, i too, can do this. this is such hypocrisy. this is something the bush administration has come up with. the counsel's office would have said you're a lunatic, get out of here. >> bob: there were no organizations with special president club levels? >> dana: as he was president in order to meet with him and push legislation for $500,000 apiece, no, bob, there was not. >> bob: they are not talking about pushing special legislation. this is a pressing for obama's agenda. that is a different story. >> eric: what would not pay to play about that? i give you $500,000 and i get
2:19 pm
your ear and give you my side of the story. >> andrea: when you have chuck todd saying this looks really bad, when you lost chuck todd it looks bad. >> dana: common cause came out and saying it was wrong. >> andrea: this is unprecedented lobbying, i think. it appears like the president is for sale. again, it points to the two classes. right? it's not just the rich and the poor. it's the connected and the non-connected. when you get sick, don't call a doctor. call a lobbyist. if you want interview with the president as we head last week don't call the white house press office. call anita dun and do a pay for play back and forth. if you want your issue pushed you call organizing for -- it shouldn't be action. it should be organizing for access, that's what they are doing. >> eric: changing the stationery. >> greg: this is a season pass to a left wing theme park. but instead of mr. toad wild ride you jump in to president obama's giant ears.
2:20 pm
this is the only way rich can escape obama's wrath is paying for protection. that's what it is. >> bob: they are not lobbying for anything beyond his agenda. >> eric: time-out. why spend $500,000? >> dana: president obama campaigned to announce the candidacy, and n february of 2007, i don't know if you that or not, he said i'm going be a different kind of politician. i'll be a different president. money is not going to influence me. this is why you should vote for me. now you have basically, this proves you can't get money out of politics. >> bob: obama can't have his own people form? >> dana: are you kidding me? let me tell you something else about obamacare. >> andrea: are you kidding? >> dana: one of the reasons they didn't need obama for action in obamacare is because they arranged to hire david
2:21 pm
axelrod's former firm. they paid him to lobby about obamacare. then you have jack lew, treasury secretary nominee. about to be the secretary. he had written in the contract at citigroup he would not get a bonus if he left the job. unless he went to work for the government. this is your secretary of treasury. they know how to chase money around. if somebody from oil company had that written in contract and gone to work for republican administration, let me just tell you, the media's head would explode. on this one, they are quiet as mice. >> eric: can i throw this up here? this is a couple of years ago. talk about pay to play, pay for access. watch this. >> i'm at the white house.
2:22 pm
i have been at the white house and i have conversations couple times a day. >> eric: couple times a day, call the white house. pick up the phone. barack obama, what is going on richie? >> bob: yeah. show me one administration, you guys say it's a republicans. you name me one administration that is -- >> greg: my point is what is the difference between evil 1%ers and the rich obama supporters? knee pads? i don't know. >> bob: i'm talking about this politics. >> greg: you demonize people with money. you can't do that anymore. you have the money. you have the money. >> andrea: we demonize people with money that aren't for us. there it is, folks. >> greg: you can't demeanize women unless they disagree with you. >> bob: when you win an election maybe you can talk. right now this is the spoils that go the victors.
2:23 pm
>> eric: wow! >> greg: i love how you said you represent the majority of the country. it doesn't. what percentage of registered voters voted? chop. you take a percentage of that. far from majority. >> andrea: you say no other president has done this. i argue this is unprecedented because no other president has done it at this level and promised to be so different. >> eric: there is the hi hypocrisy. we have to go. up next, america's nanny michael bloomberg a couple weeks away from imposing super size soda ban but the rules will make life rough for families who want to order food in. greg has details on that. coming right back. ♪ ♪
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so i wonder what mayor bloomberg's personal live is like. his secret life, secret habit, drug use. i want to know every intimate detail. diseases and birthmarks and if he routinely flushes. it wonder what he would say to that request? none of your damn business? exactly. too bad. because now his invasive war on our personal life claimed another victim. 2-liter bottles of coke that usually come with your pizza delivery. under gloomy's new rule, restaurants must sell smaller bottles. causing more trash and more
2:29 pm
expensive. so kid friendly places like chuck e. cheese pitchers are soda are banned. nightclubs can't offer jugs of mixers like sodada and cranberry juice. what does it tell you about the mayor? anybody with even one friend knows the large bottles are for sharing. in his head people must guzzle from them alone. that's how his life must be. he has no friends. he is banning mixers at the bar shows that he never gets invited anywhere because people hate him. which is why i am starting bloomy's buddies to extend the mayor our friendship to show him how real people socialize. that people with friends do not meddle. they mind their own business. i bet as a kid even imaginary friends despiseed him. >> eric: nobody has more
2:30 pm
imaginary friends than you. >> greg: but they love me. >> dana: that's what julio says. >> greg: i told you never to talk to julio. i want to play a s.o.t., sound on tape, bloomberg talking about ban on club mixers. >> if you are going to drink more than 16-ounces of alcohol with something in it, you're not going to get out of the bar. or go out on a stretcher. >> greg: he assuming people go to a bar and order a big pitcher and poor vodka in it. he does not go out. >> andrea: he does not go sure. i have never done that and i don't know anyone who drank more than 16 ownss of vodka in one sitting. >> greg: bob has his hand up. >> andrea: except for the guy to my left. this is crazy. if you look at how many calories are in a large pizza you arguably have delivered with the 2-liters it is 3,000 calories. two liters of soda.
2:31 pm
800 to 1,000 calories. does he think someone sits to guzzle two liters of mountain dew at one time? no. he is out of touch. go to a nightclub in new york and see how it's done. >> greg: who orders pizza and 2-liters? a family. >> bob: and you. let me remind everybody he is a republican. >> greg: he ran as a republican so he could win. >> dana: is he still in the big tent? >> bob: that what bother mess most, he is cutting off access, people have to pay double for sodas if they order a pizza if you're a poor family. who is he kidding? take the money out of his wallet and pay for it. >> greg: where does this come from, the pattern listic thing -- paternalistic thing? >> eric: does he have kids? if he has kid, he would realize every kid party has
2:32 pm
2-liter bottle of soda. only way to afford them. >> andrea: you think he had kiddie parties? beluga caviar and horses. >> eric: he didn't come from money. he made all of his money. you think he remembers his past and how hard it was to struck the only way up. he didn't have money. he came up with a brilliant idea to make money. apparently he forgot about it. >> greg: that's why he thinks he is smarter than everybody else. maybe he is. when it comes to business maybe. but personal relationship he is is clueless. like dana but i won't get into that. what do you make of the buddy program? >> dana: will you take me? i want the see how it works. >> greg: we go to his house and we split a pizza. dabs i'm going to blame -- >> dana: i'm going to blame us. this is ridiculous that the government, any government telling anybody what they can and can't buy. one thing that the pizza companies did to get you to buy that particular pizza from
2:33 pm
that company was to say order this large pizza and we'll throw in the coke for free or whatever it might be. so they are basically intruding on the private business and decision on marketing which is bad. i will blame us a little bit because this looks ridiculous to everybody outside of new york. you don't order pizza and coke anymore or i wouldn't it in the dresses. but until he doesn't ban something i care about, i'll blow it off and say this is ridiculous. but we have a responsibility to take a stand and do something about this. >> andrea: he lectured on formula. telling them that formula was bad. breast feed. this is a guy to your point, greg, who doesn't want anyone to know when he jets out of new york to go to bermuda in the middle of a blizzard. he is worried about the salt in our soup, he forgot the salt on our street when it was snowing.
2:34 pm
this is so beyond the role of government. >> bob: so to replace the lost period of life he takes it out on new york city. dabs they can't fix big stuff like the infrastructure of the city that is crumbling before our eyes. this is something they can do and get done. this doesn't hurt them when they go to cocktail parties. what a good thing we did. >> bob: how do they do this? city council pass this? how do you do this? >> greg: bar will get $200 fine if they serve pitcher of cranberry juice. >> eric: scary part he is trying to get cuomo to make it statewide. >> andrea: business owners are smart. they will say two for one special. >> dana: make 1.999-liter bottle. freddithat went over your head h is easy to do.
2:35 pm
>> greg: that was unnecessary. coming up, check out the picture. students wearing burqas at a high school in texas. did a geography teacher go too far with a lesson some parents are calling anti-american? we'll discuss next on "the five." stick around. ♪ ♪ i don'without goingcisions to angie's list first. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, rhetoric gets sharper as the clock ticks closer to sequester. tonight on "special report," president obama goes to shipyard in virginia to emphasize impact on defense workers of the automatic sequester. boehner is advising senators to get moving and take action to stop the sequester.
2:40 pm
is there a senate effort to give the president and administration flexibility to determine which programs receive funding. what do you think of when you think of al-qaeda and terrorists? the surprising profile of face of terror in 2013. the pentagon admits giving a false impression about the demise of the taliban. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." lesson on islam prompted lawmakers to launch an investigation after this photo. female students are seen wearing burqas in geography
2:41 pm
class. this is public high school in texas. the teacher reportedly ininstructed her class to call muslim terrorists freedom fighters. parents are fuming linking the world culture to anti-american sentment. meanwhile, the superintendent tells fox news radio exclusively that the teacher did nothing wrong. >> what is more dangerous? fear and ignorance or education and understanding? i think from our standpoint we are here to essential kate the kids. >> i would say neither of the above, greg. i would say propaganda is the most dangerous thing for the students. that is what the teacher was doing. >> greg: i just want the chinese to invade and put us out of our misery. in the name of tolerance, we are embracing the most intolerant people. wearing garb that restricts their right. they don't fight for freedom.
2:42 pm
they fight against freedom. in the name of tolerance why not instruct the students there to beat up gay kids? because in the muslim countries, that is how they treat gay people. they are intolerant toward gays and intolerant toward women. why not enforce that behavior as well? >> bob: damn right! >> greg: this is ridiculous. underneath all of this is a fundamental distaste for america. that is what behind the so-called tolerance. b.s., -- i'm done. >> andrea: i like the point about women wearing burqas. because we heard in the campaign season, talk of a war on women. if you look globally there is a real warring on women launched against muslim women. >> dana: i don't feel as strongly about this as you do. >> greg: i like high drama. >> dana: i thought that the superintendent did hit on a good thing, look, this is a school. we're teaching them things. they voluntarily put on burqas. >> andrea: geography, though?
2:43 pm
>> dana: a good point made that how religion shape different countries they have. so if you look at the map you understand why the british drew the line that way. i'm obviously in the minority. >> eric: you're not. >> dana: you agree? >> eric: i will agree with you. this is what happens in public school. they will make an agenda and put the lesson together. i got to tell you, folks, if you're a parent, get there and find out what they will do. they cogo through the syllabus and find out they teach the class and say we will put kids in burqas. if you don't like of the, tell your kid not to do it. >> dana: the parent only found out about this because she was a good parent who was looking at her kid's facebook page for monitoring purposes and found out. >> eric: my point is you can go through the textbooks and you can talk to teachers, the parent teacher conferences all year long and say what are you going to do here? how are you doing it here? i find -- >> dana: teachers will love you. >> bob: you weren't exactly
2:44 pm
endorsing dana's position. what is wrong? greg, c'mon, man, i want you to take it easy. this is a classroom in geography. they want to look at different part of the world. what do people war? they wear burqas. done voluntarily by the kids. also they had israel. they had christians. a bunch of religions. >> dana: americans in abercrombie & fitch outfits. >> dana: we are so worried by the freedoms threatened by a high school class learning about burqas we are sitting on soft soil, man. it will withstand it. it's okay. they need to know about burqas -- >> andrea: but they misinform them. they push a "washington post" article how violence in egypt is democracy not muslim brotherhood. if you teach about culture and religion, teach it accurately and what radical islam does. how about buildings that burn down in new york city. >> dana: field trip to new york city and pennsylvania and d.c. >> bob: the "washington
2:45 pm
post" story is correct. >> andrea: quickly, we don't have a lot of time left. university threatened to disclose student's grades if they apply for gun permit. this is the university of iowa. they suspended the practices of sharing student info with the law enforcement officials so if you want a concealed carry permit, you are now at risk of having your information all over the campus. >> dana: this is why president obama never applied if arrest gun permit. >> greg: very funny. well done. i don't know -- i think it's wrong about the grades. i'm -- i have misfeelings about disciplinary action. >> bob: this is about disciplinary action and they ought to know about that because they could probably catch a nut bag who wants to get a gun. >> greg: the gutfeld rule, all good people should have guns and bad people should haven't them. >> andrea: doesn't this remind you of the paper in putnam county trying to bully
2:46 pm
people. i don't know if you can tell if they're a nut by the grade if physics. >> eric: the grade part, they should leave it off. if there is a history of violence or troubled kid, you can't find that out in the general public. i wouldten to agree -- remember, this is not the gun. it's the person. if you have a person who may have some mental issuesial may be on medications you wouldn't get if you were out there finding out who is a i plying. not a bad idea. >> andrea: up next, annoying people at the gym. we all know them. they come in shapes and sizes. which ones are the worst offenders. we will run down the list. up next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: excuse me. part of my ongoing efforts to
2:51 pm
discourage from going to exercise room like gyms, we're going to talk about gymnasium -- gym etiquette or lack thereof. there are certain people that bother people that go to them. i went to one once or twice and they're ridiculous. for people who go, some example of what some people think are problems in gyms. dna, leaving sweat on the machine. machine bullies. onerous odors, people who stink. on and on and on. locker room exhibitions like greg who walk around naked all day. the whole point about this, you want to avoid this stuff, don't go. why do you want to put up with this. put up with sweaty people full of themselves and go around and show their muscles in a mirror. don't go. gyms are bad. they are overrated. they are too expensive. you don't need them. >> andrea: are we auditioning for the medical "a" team? >> bob: those who go to the
2:52 pm
silly places. >> eric: you have to stay -- >> bob: go to a stinky gyms? >> eric: it helps. aerobic exercise when it's 20 below zero outside. i have another one. i can't stand when people are on the machine and lift weight and make noise. >> dana: grunters. >> eric: drives me crazy. >> bob: dana? >> dana: i would have several things that irritate me. to no end. the overhead music so loud you can't hear your own earphones that drives me crazy. people that run loudly and flatly on a treadmill for hours drives me nuts. also, the guy on the cell phone all the time on the blue tooth. he wasn't having an emergency phone call, just shooting the breeze with his buddies. that was annoying. >> bob: terrible. what about you, greg? you go all the time. >> greg: i do. three things. people, of both sexes constantly hitting on me. people, i'm here to work out.
2:53 pm
control yourself. in the locker room, blow dryer is for the hair on your head. >> dana: are you kidding me? >> greg: you have never been in a guy's locker room. workout entitlement disorder. that is station hogging. it's when a guy is using two or more work-out stations and leave stuff on it. so if you want to do incline, he is doing the incline and decline and the curl. you have can't do that. we all pay for the same fare, we all get a fair shot. get off. >> bob: take the stuff off. >> greg: people are violent. >> andrea: forget the wealth. >> bob: you go to these places all the time. >> andrea: i do. i don't like grunters. they scare me. it's jarring. i don't like never ending nude. people who are nude an hour in locker room. cover it up. onerous odors, if you are heaving, put a tic tac. and goody gazers.
2:54 pm
people gazing at your goodies in the locker room. >> dana: weight throwers. then they are done lifting weight and throw them on the ground. >> eric: can i take issue with that. you can really hurt yourself if you hold a heavy weight until the end. higher extend muscles. >> bob: do you realize what you said? >> dana: are you the guy coming over to tell you -- >> andrea: he is one. >> eric: i'm the guy that drops the weight so you can feel hyper extended -- >> dana: do you have that happen? someone says you are supposed to do it a different way? those people are annoying. >> bob: you guys stay this stuff. why do you go? you are making my -- >> dana: i don't go there anymore. >> bob: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
2:55 pm
staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors such as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, including celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly
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are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion.
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2:58 pm
>> dana: time for one more thing. >> andrea: at the oscars the other night, seth mcfarland got a little heat for singing a song about boobs. we saw your boobs. a lot of people are not happy with him. he said he would not host the oscars again. i thought it was funny but we did see your boobs. he had a letter he penned to
2:59 pm
rush limbaugh who said i kind of understand now how you conservatives feel about the media. so not only is he saying he doesn't like the treatment but media is not nice to be conservative. >> eric: i owe the nascar community an appall. lit up -- an apology. lit up on twitter. i said nascar may have been sitting on the video or pulled the video from youtube because they want the keep the danica patrick story in focus. number one, nascar held the video until the families were notified of the people that were injured, which was good. also, danica patrick's performance stands by itself, for itself. eighth place finish. finish. i never congratulated

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